What (Type of a Writer) Are You?

What Type of a Writer Are You Image

When I started writing, I didn’t know shit.

I began writing with my focus all over the place.

I wanted to grow my Twitter following.

I wanted to have a raving fan base on Facebook.

I wanted to connect with influencers.

I wanted fame, except my writing, was terrible.

I was an amateur.

Turn Pro.

Turning pro is to understand what is it you want to focus on. And practice daily.

Are you a writer?


Don’t permit unnecessary things to get in the way.

Look at Zen habits.

No picture. No sidebar. No social media buttons.

Leo Babauta is a pro.

Do you want to know a (not -so-secret) secret to turning yourself into a professional?

Ask. So what?

Are you thinking to add something to your writing routine? Are you thinking to download a new writing app?