unapologetically true

Simple Tip for a Productive Creative Life

Be unapologetically true to yourself.

As I was building beyourself, the fundamental principle I decide on.

I will collect stories I love to read.

To say no to stories from people better than me.

Millionaires, celebrities, and new york times bestsellers.

It’s never easy.

But what I’ve learned is when your unapologetically true to yourself your people will find you.

Six years later.

With 151321 followers, 495,264 monthly visitors, and more than 9,456 stories published.

I still stand to true to this principle.

I’m not saying I don’t waver from time to time.

But whenever I do, I remind myself why I do what I do.

I don’t know if I will have managed to do what I do for as long as I’ve done if I was not true to myself.

I’m joyous today of the place as I was six years ago.