Hi. I'm Joel Mwakasege. I edit Be-Yourself. I'm here to give you few tips so you get the most out of Be Yourself. Along with a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started smoothly.


What is beyourself? Beyourself is a collection of experience from people around the world. That will encourage you to keep improving. And be the best version of yourself you can be. And sometimes that will mean going out of your comfort zone.



Do I allow stories from new authors like you?


Will I ever stop accepting submission from writers?

No. I don’t have writers. I collect experience from people around the world. That will encourage you to keep improving. And be the best version of yourself you can be. And sometimes it will mean going out of your comfort zone.  


When can I expect the story to be published?

The submission process takes less than 24 hrs. If it’s more than that, then I have a lot that day. When your story has something, I wish we can work on together before publishing it. I will leave a note on that story.


Can you contact me on someone else's behalf?


Do I accept more than one story?

Yes. With a delay. A day or two. Why? It's like a breathing room for people to read. Make sense?


What do I must include in my submission?

A one-sentence summary of your story. Use this thought process. Help me understand your story by telling me how you will tell a friend who you’ve not seen for a long time? You were close then people would confuse you for him. You’ve just meet each other in an airport and catching up on things.  While doing that, you remember about a story on medium. You’re about to tell him about it.  But the plane is here. He will have to go. He promises to give you a ring tonight. He is interested in one sentence about the story so will keep him looking forward to the call. What will that sentence be?


Do I submit a draft or published story?

A published story. It takes less time to accept than a draft. If it's a draft, do not send a rough draft. I love to review final drafts.


What’s a complete submission email looks like?

Hey, One sentence summary of your story. A tweet long - 140 characters or less. Link to your Story  Your name.
It’s not a law. Get creative.


How do I submit?

Click to send an old-fashioned email to my personal email joel@joelmwakasege.com with the link to your Medium story. Use of this email notifies me you are a VIP.


I’m already a published writer how do I submit?


What happens after you submit your story?

Much of what I do revolves around deciding if the story fits or not. I almost always repeat this every single time. I receive a story submission email. I review the story. I walk a writer through a thought process to get an only fitting description of the story. I have the author connect everything else in the story with that statement. I review the story and work on it until it fits.