Reason Why People Stop Reading You’re Policies Before they Finish

Most among many policies are terribly written.

I’ve been setting up my site to be ready for service.

It’s a bittersweet experience.

Among the things which I have had to work on are my policies.

I have to admit before this I rarely read policies.

This is my first time to do it. So as I was researching before doing the work. I have come to realize there is a lot to be proud of with a well written and easy to understand policy.

Especially if it answer one basic question, what rights do I have over my data?

There are some things I took as good practice and some I’ve left.

One of the good practice I’ve learned is to remove guesswork in this process.

I’ve gone as far as to create not only privacy policy, terms, and conditions, but also comment policy, refund policy, and copyright policy.

By the way, if there is something I have missed to remove or change. Please, I will love to know.

Just click to leave a suggestion below on the comments.

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