Fresh Start Your
Life Today

A course designed to help you learn how to stop letting
fear, pain, and confusion. Keep you from a
life of joy, freedom, and peace.

You Deserve a
Fresh Start

Instead of staying stuck in pain, disappointment, and frustration. You can enjoy the life before you.

Through personal experience, deep self-work, professional training, and 20 years of working with people. It's safe to say we have learned how. In this course, we will share our "how-to" discoveries with you. We believe when you apply these principles.

You too will begin to enjoy the life before you. All that’s required to get started is an open mind, a posture of kindness, and a willingness to look within.

You Deserve a
Fresh Start

What is a Fresh Start?

First, let us be clear about the things we are not proposing as a fresh start.

A fresh start it's not starting over, it’s not striving for perfection, it’s not having all the right answers, it’s not trying to change everything at once and it’s not forgetting what has happened (even if you could figure out how).

A fresh start is simply putting things in order so that you can take one step at a time. On the path of healing and freedom.

Lessons that Lead to a
Fresh Start

There is a difference between
thinking about doing something and actually doing it. Change comes not in "thinking about it" but in doing it.
Talking about it forever won’t make it happen. To change. You must do that which you think and talk about.

Words alone are not enough.
Words must be rooted in images to have a lasting impact. You think in pictures before you form the words that follow. It's most often the images you hold in your mind that lead to change or keep you stuck.

When faced with old habits, you need quick answers to react differently. Answers are uniquely personal and not ours to provide. Rather, it is our job to ask useful questions. Useful questions will lead you to the best and most doable answers.

Semplice Theme.

There are five core modules. Each module contains an audio of guided meditation. An audio on how to do the work. And an audio to give an example. This all is to help you make the proven framework presented work for you.

Semplice Theme.

In Module 1

In this module, you will learn how to file things so that life has an orderly flow. Because in order for healing to happen it’s essential to put the past in its proper place.


In Module 3

You will learn how you can embrace the power you’ve of choice. Because you can change your current direction by owning the power you have to choose what will be next.

In Module 2

In this module, you will learn how to relax your hold to let things flow more naturally. Because to loosen your grip on the things you’ve held too tightly or for too long. Helps.


In Module 4

In this module, you will learn how to separate yourself from others in a healthy way. Because you deserve this fresh start and you are the only one who can give yourself permission to take it.

In Module 5

In this module, you will learn how to hierarchize your emotions to take their proper and helpful place in your life. Because you are not your emotions. Your emotions are to be acknowledged and respected but not given the throne to rule in tyranny.

Additional Training
Included With Your
Fresh Start


Some interviewees have talked on TedX, CNN, Oprah, Fox News.  Living with incurable diseases. Living through being shot, killed, and resurrected. Living through their stomach being exploded. They share their stories and tools.

(Worth $109) Included with your fresh start purchase


To write is a useful tool as you heal. This ebook has the foundational principles to start using writing as a tool for healing. Principles learned from working, helping and using writing for seven years eleven months and counting.

(Worth $15) Included with your fresh start purchase


As you reclaim your joy, freedom, and peace through this fresh start course. This guided exercise intent is to help you center yourself. To stop anything from deterring you away from the work. It can be fear pain or confusion. Tested and proven exercise.

(Worth $30) Included with your fresh start purchase

I maintain a community of 145,590 most amazing people you will ever be apart of in your entire life. Hands down, I have no doubts in saying it. For 5 years. I’ve worked with 2,326 vulnerable, and truthful people from all over the world. To publish more than 8,017 personal stories. I’ve been fortunate to rework, learn, and rethink some of the things I thought that's how they were in order to have a life of joy, freedom, and peace.

I'm grateful to hold a bachelor's degree in communications, a master's in counseling, multiple coaching credentials, over 15 years of experience writing about and facilitating healing with both groups and individuals in organizations and private settings. I am blessed and humbled to write courses, publish books, coach, teach, and speak to people about their value, potential, and purpose.

What are
We Really Providing In this
Fresh Start course?

To find yourself and to come to a place where you can be happy with who you're. It's about progress, not perfection. Doable progress. Not waving a magic wand. But to do the important and sometimes difficult work. It's not about having to do everything at once, but it's about waking up every day and showing up and doing your best. We believe the better tools you have the better you can move forward. That's what we're providing in this Fresh Start course. Accessible. Reusable. Doable tools.

To become your best self. To create a life you love and enjoy. To become more productive and efficient in your work. To keep yourself motivated and inspired. To achieve your life desires in easy, enjoyable way.

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